You hang on to your eccentricities!

Derren Brown Quote


My first day as Miss Roe, English teacher, has been a huge success! My kids seem bright and responsive which is always a relief. And the faculty is friendly to say the least! Teaching is such a rewarding job and I feel a little better about my life already.

hard place

Today’s doodle was inspired by the first real weekend feeling of the year. Most of the employed population had to go back to work this week, and my heart goes out to you hard working folk. I fight sleep every school night, but hey, sin it up, tomorrow’s Saturday! Only a few more hours of being good to go! Credit to the very cool Nick Cave for the quote.

I am an artist…

I trade in


Ralph Steadman‘s  famous for illustrating Hunter S. Thompson‘s trippy travels.  I am pretty damn sure he had dark visions and impossible situations to spare when on assignment with Gonzo! But that’s what makes art so awesome, it doesn’t have to correspond with any reality! And as creatives we’re truly lucky to have access to such incredible imaginary worlds. I often take my imagination for granted. It only takes one night out to remind me of the boring worlds other people get themselves stuck in. With a little creativity you can explore limitless identities with a few weird wardrobe choices. Or build entire empires with dining room furniture! Why would you want to sit at a bar and scream at a television if you have minions to master?!

Soundtrack to your Saturday.



Just a pretty song with some lovely lyrics to brighten your day. Everyday should have its own soundtrack!

“She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.”

J. D. Salinger

In my oom se agterplaas was daar ‘n hond…


“Dis die goed wat ons voer wat ons wil opvreet.” – Die tannie by die posbus.

Ek het nog altyd Nataniël se stories en humor geniet. Omdat dit Maandag is dink ek dis gepas dat ons almal bietjie lag en ‘n paar wyse woorde hoor terwyl die hele donnerse werk week ons terug staar. Byt vas, trek aan asof jy deel is van ‘n proef, en vergeet van jou pos vir vandag.


*ek sien die video mag nie hier speel nie, so kyk maar die storie op YouTube. (It’s worth it!)