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I’ve been trying to get organised, which is a mammoth task since I kinda fell behind about a year or so ago. Granted, when you can’t even face mealtimes, admin and alphabetical filing just seems ridiculous. Sorting through some sketches I had stored in a far off file on a disused digital device, I came across this sad little character from exactly a year ago. I was feeling very vulnerable at the time, and rightly so it turned out. I had been praying for mercy, but kinda knew that heartbreak was inevitable. I like the doodle, even if the memory still hurts like hell. It reminds me how pivotal drawing has been in my recovery and how far I’ve come since then. If there is one thing I can depend on it’s the fact that as long as I armed with pen and paper – I can fight through the darkest of days.


Okay, TRY not to.

dont cry small

One of my all time favourite quotes, taken from Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.

My pick for throwback Thursday this week is a badass Renholder remix of Evanescence. Go ahead, empower yo self!

Throwback Thursday.

lief vir my ma1


In the spirit of throwback Thursday I’ve decided to post a doodle from when I was about 5 years old. We all had to start somewhere, and my cyclops pony was definitely a sign of weird things to come. I remember being told I’m not a very good artist only a year later when I went to primary school and entered an art competition. Apparently my composition of David and Goliath was all wrong… well suck it bitches!

I still love my mom though, she supported any and every creative endeavor I ever pursued. It’s thanks to her genes that I am able to do what I do, and I am forever grateful that she encouraged me. Thanks ma!