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I would like to start the new year with a special thank you to the women who held my head above water when I was drowning. 2015 wasn’t an easy year for me and I’m not the easiest person to get along with. Well honestly, I’m a horrible friend. I cancel dates last minute, I give home made gifts, I pretend I’m not home when someone “pops by”, I don’t answer the phone, it takes me days to reply to messages and I generally have a bitchy attitude. I also suffer from irrational anxiety, I’m suspicious of everyone and I seem to attract bad luck like flies to a corpse. And that’s when I’m in a good place.

I haven’t been in a good place. I’ve never had a circle of girl friends. I don’t drink wine, and I’m not a great listener, in actual fact I’m a bit of a chauvinist. But not having a BFF never bothered me. Probably, an only child thing, and most girls are untrustworthy lovers of gossip. Looking back I realise that I hit bottom last year, I was in denial at the time but it was probably quite obvious to the people I allowed close to me. Thanks to a few awesome women I survived – despite my very best efforts. They forgave my fickle behaviour, stuck by when I pushed them away and helped in meaningful big ways. Whether it was drying my tears, giving me money, feeding me, even Valentine’s gifts. They distracted me when I needed it, made me laugh when Corne and Twakkie would fail, and told me the harsh truths when I refused to participate in life. Y’all have been mothers, sisters, caretakers, psychologists and cheerleaders.

Baie dankie aan Mikke, Anika, Hanli, Loraine, Chantelle, Siske, Shane, Letitia and last but not least Michelle. Ek sou nie 2016 gesien het sonder julle mooi siele nie. Ek hoop ek kry die jaar kans om daar te wees vir julle, soos julle daar was vir my. Ek het elkeen van julle fokken klip hard lief!


yay 400!


Whether you write, design, paint, draw, sing or play an instrument, making it as a freelance creative is not easy. But at the same time I know that for most creatives, having a nine to five day job and answering to a boss is literally torture. Clocking in at the office is equal to selling your soul, or wasting your life, for almost all artists I know. And I am no exception. In the film Jobs when young Steve whispered to his colleague: “I just can’t work for other people” I started sobbing, because I struggle with that same frustration everyday.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I DON’T WANT TO WORK. I want to work all the time! When that work is making art, making music or making love! When my work means that I am putting beauty out in to the world, it inspires me and keeps me making till I’m done, whether that’s at five in the afternoon or five in the morning. I am not afraid of hard work, what scares me is mindless work. But if you put yourself out there, interesting work will find you.

In my journey toward becoming my own boss Instagram has become invaluable to me. We all know the importance of social media and online presence in marketing, but it is getting a bit ridiculous. Tile Africa, Spar, Springbok Apteek, and the like, do not need Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, WordPress, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. I believe brands should focus on social media platforms that compliment their products/services. Use Hello Peter for complaints or compliments, or do you REALLY wanna see Staysoft specials on your timeline? So I’ve focused on visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to promote my artistic endeavors. And my Instagram followers have surprised me time after time with their support and encouragement.

Most of my new freelance clients contact me because of my Instagram posts and I’ve made some awesome creative partnerships with other artists I’ve found on Instagram. Igers are already in a “liking-pretty-pictures” frame of mind when they log on, Facebook users are usually already disgruntled about something or other when they log on. And neglected Facebook pages with fifteen likes and three posts are just sad. Put effort in to what works for you. And Instagram works wonders for me, so I would like to thank each one of my now four hundred followers, y’all are my favourite!