Random Acts of Creativity #12

Random Acts 12

Silly is super sexy, so set the mood with the Valentine’s edition of Random Acts of Creativity this week. My movie pick, Moonrise Kingdom, is a charming tale of young love.

For mood music I highly recommend you download every track by PHFAT ever from their Soundcloud stream.

“Love is all I know.” – Egodeth, PHFAT

Everyone loves pancakes, and the recipe’s really easy! If you don’t have a romantic target this year, don’t despair, feel better about your sad self and make a stranger smile by making some sandwiches for the less fortunate. Extra karma for adding an encouraging note ^_^

All women are born evil.

all women


Don’t get mad at Chad, women and men alike believe his statement to be true. We’ve all heard girls say: “I don’t really get along with girls, I just prefer to hang out with boys.” And that’s usually why the other girls don’t like you by the way, but I digress. Arthur Schopenhauer (my most favourite thinker) wrote the following on the subject: “Men are by nature merely indifferent to one another; but women are by nature enemies.” We should stop that… It would be a far reach to call me a feminist, but us girls need friends, evil or not.

The shape of your heart.


It doesn’t really matter what your heart looks like it is most certainly capable of love and being loved. Whether it looks half dead, entirely broken or just odd from the outside, trust me, it works. I recently watched Only Lovers Left Alive for the first time and then I watched it about 25  more times since then. As is my tradition, I can’t just “like” something I have to obsess about it, and the film is no different. If you’re suicidally romantic like myself do yourself a favour and make it your movie to watch this week.