Random Acts of Creativity #12

Random Acts 12

Silly is super sexy, so set the mood with the Valentine’s edition of Random Acts of Creativity this week. My movie pick, Moonrise Kingdom, is a charming tale of young love.

For mood music I highly recommend you download every track by PHFAT ever from their Soundcloud stream.

“Love is all I know.” – Egodeth, PHFAT

Everyone loves pancakes, and the recipe’s really easy! If you don’t have a romantic target this year, don’t despair, feel better about your sad self and make a stranger smile by making some sandwiches for the less fortunate. Extra karma for adding an encouraging note ^_^

Random Acts of Creativity #7

random acts7

Some early randomness to get you through the very first hump-day of the new year. It’s scary how few people are aware that matching your socks is speculated to be downright unhealthy! For more important human stuff read your rights here.

Random Acts of Creativity #6



Some people can only vacay for so long. And I’ve never been one to sunbathe. If, like me, you’re starting to itch with boredom because of the long lazy summer days, go put on some red lipstick and get silly to Cher. Practicing drag routines can be a fantastic family activity! Take lots of photos!

Random Acts of Creativity #3


I get in trouble a lot for the “complement a stranger” one, just be careful, don’t go all the way to Hillbrow for someone you haven’t met, k?