Braaf wees.


Moet myself al vroeg more sielkundig begin voorberei vir die ontmoeting met my aardsvyand later vanmiddag … afspraak met Die Tandarts.


dont small


I’ve been trying to get organised, which is a mammoth task since I kinda fell behind about a year or so ago. Granted, when you can’t even face mealtimes, admin and alphabetical filing just seems ridiculous. Sorting through some sketches I had stored in a far off file on a disused digital device, I came across this sad little character from exactly a year ago. I was feeling very vulnerable at the time, and rightly so it turned out. I had been praying for mercy, but kinda knew that heartbreak was inevitable. I like the doodle, even if the memory still hurts like hell. It reminds me how pivotal drawing has been in my recovery and how far I’ve come since then. If there is one thing I can depend on it’s the fact that as long as I armed with pen and paper – I can fight through the darkest of days.


hard place

Today’s doodle was inspired by the first real weekend feeling of the year. Most of the employed population had to go back to work this week, and my heart goes out to you hard working folk. I fight sleep every school night, but hey, sin it up, tomorrow’s Saturday! Only a few more hours of being good to go! Credit to the very cool Nick Cave for the quote.

There is only one position for an artist.


“There is only one position for an artist and that is upright.” – Dylan Thomas (Interesting guy: In his later life he acquired a reputation, which he encouraged, as a “roistering, drunken and doomed poet”.)

Finding inspirational quotes is something I find a lot of peace and solace in. When I came across this little gem by Dylan Thomas it reminded me that as artists (whatever kind that might be) we have the unique gift of turning whatever we’re feeling into something tangible. And because of that we have no excuse to be lazy or to wallow in misery. If you need therapy, make something. Chances are, the more intense the emotion, the more epic the creation. Your outlet could encourage someone else, or if you’re lucky you could even make some money from your creations. Either way getting up and making something tends to set stuff in motion, even when you feel entirely powerless.

Built for blame.


Although the sizes have varied, I have dressed the way I do all my life. Most know me by my uniform of black tights/jeans, black jerseys and black hair.  Call it emo, goth, alternative, whatever, it’s the way I like to look. I’m not forced to wear black, not even by my emotional state, I like the way it looks. But not everyone does, and I’ve been through many surprisingly serious battles about simple outfit choices. I was the kid that parents didn’t want sleeping over, the kid that got stuck with all the cigarettes at a bust, and the one that got questioned if someone wrote something obscene on the bathroom walls. Because I looked different, and I welcomed it. As life went on I realised that nothing much changes, if you look like trouble, people are gonna blame you for it, because it’s easy. Blaming a “bad influence” is easier than accepting responsibility. But the fact is, your choices are your own, whether I walk around with shirts quoting Cheech and Chong or not, I can’t force you to get high. Just like dressing like a virgin doesn’t get you into heaven.

I have a foul mouth, I dress inappropriately, I listen to scary music and I smoke a lot…  I’m not changing the way I look, so I accept the stigma that comes with it. But just because I’m built for blame does not mean you are innocent…

I’m gonna sign off with this beautiful speech by one of my very favourite people, Chris Motionless, he knows what I’m talking about.


“That they have the right to set standards that you and I have to live by…”