There is only one position for an artist.


“There is only one position for an artist and that is upright.” – Dylan Thomas (Interesting guy: In his later life he acquired a reputation, which he encouraged, as a “roistering, drunken and doomed poet”.)

Finding inspirational quotes is something I find a lot of peace and solace in. When I came across this little gem by Dylan Thomas it reminded me that as artists (whatever kind that might be) we have the unique gift of turning whatever we’re feeling into something tangible. And because of that we have no excuse to be lazy or to wallow in misery. If you need therapy, make something. Chances are, the more intense the emotion, the more epic the creation. Your outlet could encourage someone else, or if you’re lucky you could even make some money from your creations. Either way getting up and making something tends to set stuff in motion, even when you feel entirely powerless.

Random Acts of Creativity #1

random1 sml

I’m excited to announce a new regular feature on the blog, Random Acts of Creativity! Every week I’ll be posting some silly ideas to encourage creativity. Nonsense is brilliant therapy, and you never know when something surprising will happen. Nonsense can lead to greatness! Go ahead, ask Dr. Seuss.

It’s okay.


It’s no secret that I’ve had a pretty rough time lately, and that I haven’t always handled it with poise and grace. But through it all I’ve figured out that pain demands to be felt, and you have to prepare for that. People who suffer from depression often feel guilty for feeling the way they do, which is a seriously destructive vicious circle. Friends and loved ones don’t always understand, and sometimes you trust the wrong people, which could leave you feeling devastated and very lonely. So here’s a bunch of stuff you don’t have to feel guilty about. If you haven’t gotten out of bed in a day, think of me in the ladies’ room stuffing my face with chocolates from my handbag, and know that you’re not alone. If you ease up on yourself, I promise you, you’ll be up and in your underwear in no time! And one day I might even be able to leave the house without a pedophile’s supply of candy… Definitely not today! But maybe tomorrow.

James Arthur’s single, Recovery, has become a source of strength for me and I would like to share it in the hope that if you’re feeling like shit as well, it will empower you as it has me. Just remember, someone somewhere is crying with you… And it’s probably me! 😉



The Radiant Child.



My most favourite artist of all time is Jean-Michel Basquiat. I had seen his work around and never really had any reaction to it, until I watched The Radiant Child. The film has become my safe space, and whenever shit seems to be falling apart or I start to doubt myself, I park myself in front of the television with a notebook. (The sketches above are examples of my notes from the film.) I relate to him on many levels, but most of all I love his use of words and symbols: “He has a way of making words pictoral.” Although his work seems rough, down right deurmekaar and sometimes unfinished, when you understand the philosophy/strategy behind it, it becomes something highly intelligent and witty. Basquiat explains: “I cross out words so you will see them more: the fact that they are obscured makes you want to read them.” It blew my mind…

There is so much in his work that inspires me in a very real way. When Andy Warhol met him he exclaimed: “Oh, he’s faster than me!” He was always drawing, always scribbling and always thinking. His body of work is HUGE, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and did it till it was done. I wish I could let go of the restrictions that hold me back and just produce like he did. The neatness of a page can drive me crazy, a blank page is too intimidating, a dirty one is just unusable and if I dare draw one wrong line, I give up. Being disciplined and having high standards are great, but it can seriously curb your creativity if you let it rule your work. He started out painting on window frames, old fridges and unhinged doors because he couldn’t afford canvas. I can’t afford canvas either… but the difference is I allow that fact to hold me back. And it shouldn’t! Making art is not dependent on having canvas, anyone can start anywhere on anything. And we all should!