Some doodles from about 2 years back. Still haven’t recovered.

I’m a different breed.

qb small

I remember the first time I cried to this song. I remember watching it performed live and feeling on top of the world. I remember much less about the two years that came after… but I remember the first time I cried to this song.

It can’t be helped.

my thoughts

Today’s doodle is inspired by a lyric from Closed Casket Requiem by The Black Dahlia Murder: “with a promise of absolution, my thoughts are tangled in my creations”. I find my absolution in dedication to getting better at my craft, sincerity, good intent and passion. How about you?

Okay so before everyone I love Googles the song and gets worried, I recently watched quite a few of the band’s documentaries. Despite what most of their lyrics would suggest, they seem like such fun, alive, creative, genuinely interesting… nerds. Well worth the watch. I wanna be in this band.