I am an artist…

I trade in


Ralph Steadman‘s  famous for illustrating Hunter S. Thompson‘s trippy travels.  I am pretty damn sure he had dark visions and impossible situations to spare when on assignment with Gonzo! But that’s what makes art so awesome, it doesn’t have to correspond with any reality! And as creatives we’re truly lucky to have access to such incredible imaginary worlds. I often take my imagination for granted. It only takes one night out to remind me of the boring worlds other people get themselves stuck in. With a little creativity you can explore limitless identities with a few weird wardrobe choices. Or build entire empires with dining room furniture! Why would you want to sit at a bar and scream at a television if you have minions to master?!

Random Acts of Creativity #6



Some people can only vacay for so long. And I’ve never been one to sunbathe. If, like me, you’re starting to itch with boredom because of the long lazy summer days, go put on some red lipstick and get silly to Cher. Practicing drag routines can be a fantastic family activity! Take lots of photos!

There is a screaming…


I was so struck by this quote from the film Van Diemen’s Land it has stuck with me for years. There is a screaming in me, and maybe you have one too, whether it’s a vision or a nightmare, somethings just won’t shut up.

It’s a brilliant film, but quite challenging to watch. It wouldn’t be my top pick for family movie night, but if you’re ever in the mood for an eerie adventure, this is the film that will creep quietly into your nightmares. And nest there.

Random Acts of Creativity #3


I get in trouble a lot for the “complement a stranger” one, just be careful, don’t go all the way to Hillbrow for someone you haven’t met, k?

Stay still.

breathe small

I’m sick and stressed out and it’s worked for me. Whether you’re ill or upset, just taking a few seconds to breathe and focus on some other stuff can be really helpful with any bad joojoo.