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I’ve heard and experienced this too much to ignore it. Prince Charming’s the one that”s either going to break your heart or lock you up in his basement.


Heroine Mary.

killit small1

I’ve been obsessed with the local band Lark for a very long time. Today’s doodle is from their song Heroine Mary.

Cheer up.

instant happiness

I’ve found that dwelling in a bad mood can be dangerous, and even worse, habit forming. I’ve drawn up a list of silly little things that make me smile no matter what foul mood I’m in.

Things like; feeding the birds, or taking a bubble bath, are caring actions. And the world always needs more kindness. Eating bananas are scientifically proven to benefit sufferers of depression. And they’re just kinda silly, aren’t they? Doing little things that give you a sense of accomplishment is an easy way to feel better about yourself. Rearranging the furniture, or hanging a few new pictures are really simple ways of feeling more in control of your environment and your ability to make positive changes in your life. Journaling is very important to me, having a private outlet where you can be truly honest keeps your heart light. Introspection is difficult and keeping a journal is a great tool to facilitate growth. It also enables you to look back and realise how far you’ve come! Sending a postcard to a friend, near or far, is a cheap, future affirming action that should give you something to look forward to. Don’t set your hopes on a written response though, it’s a lot of effort for the average Joe. Rather focus on what their response will be when they receive it. You only get sent bills these days, everyone loves getting a letter. You can even send something anonymously if you really want to stir things up. If you’re having a bad day try one or all of the above. Personally, my favourite distraction is cuddling up with a good animation. Specifically, Wall-E, cheers me up every time.

It’s okay.


It’s no secret that I’ve had a pretty rough time lately, and that I haven’t always handled it with poise and grace. But through it all I’ve figured out that pain demands to be felt, and you have to prepare for that. People who suffer from depression often feel guilty for feeling the way they do, which is a seriously destructive vicious circle. Friends and loved ones don’t always understand, and sometimes you trust the wrong people, which could leave you feeling devastated and very lonely. So here’s a bunch of stuff you don’t have to feel guilty about. If you haven’t gotten out of bed in a day, think of me in the ladies’ room stuffing my face with chocolates from my handbag, and know that you’re not alone. If you ease up on yourself, I promise you, you’ll be up and in your underwear in no time! And one day I might even be able to leave the house without a pedophile’s supply of candy… Definitely not today! But maybe tomorrow.

James Arthur’s single, Recovery, has become a source of strength for me and I would like to share it in the hope that if you’re feeling like shit as well, it will empower you as it has me. Just remember, someone somewhere is crying with you… And it’s probably me! 😉







Some doodles from about 2 years back. Still haven’t recovered.