When you are insane… Christmas may seem CRAZY


And the holidays seem to amplify any insanity. Many people struggle with depression over the holidays, but if you’ve been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness things can get very dark very quickly. And all the jingles and the family movies and the faerie lights of Christmas gets to be too much, even so that spending time with family feels like a punishment. BUT it’s all in your head. Whether I believe it or not, my family loves me and spending time with them is healing, And if I’m not well, my family would WANT to help, it’s easy to feel like a burden or a Grinch. But just remember the happiness you felt Christmas morning when you were little, deep down Christmas makes humans feel good, you gotta let it to it’s magic though! ┬áIf you’re feeling a bit down before the big festivities here’s some helpful information to keep you chipper. If you don’t have anyone to open gifts with this year, don’t freak out either, I’ll be blogging throughout the holidays, tell ME all about it!

Naughty or nice?

being naughty

So maybe I won’t make it on to Santa’s list this year. I’m an only child, my parents beat his gifts 20 to 1 every year any way. Every family has issues, and Santa knows I can be difficult, but for all the shit that happened this year, it still comforts me to go home for Christmas. My mom cooks like she’s French and my dad knows how to spoil a kid! I hope you get to spend Christmas with excellent food and lots of love too.

*Quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder