There’s a difference between being heartless and using your heart less.

Saterdag skapies.

swrt skapies small


Saterdae is vir swart skapies. Dis vir sondig en seerkry waag voor skemer. Almal anders sien uit na saam hul sosiale sirkel se skapies stout wees tot sonop. Maar op Maandae maak-maak ons of ons mak is, en die sonde bok skoon nie sien nie. Skapies steur hul darem nie sommer aan sulke snert nie.

Random Acts of Creativity #12

Random Acts 12

Silly is super sexy, so set the mood with the Valentine’s edition of Random Acts of Creativity this week. My movie pick, Moonrise Kingdom, is a charming tale of young love.

For mood music I highly recommend you download every track by PHFAT ever from their Soundcloud stream.

“Love is all I know.” – Egodeth, PHFAT

Everyone loves pancakes, and the recipe’s really easy! If you don’t have a romantic target this year, don’t despair, feel better about your sad self and make a stranger smile by making some sandwiches for the less fortunate. Extra karma for adding an encouraging note ^_^

Throwback Thursday.



Have you ever heard anyone thanking God it’s Thursday? (Unless it’s payday of course!) I suspect they call it “Throwback Thursday” because the first people actually wanted to throw Thursday back. Neither me, nor any of the funny little creatures that live inside me, like Thursdays… TGIF tomorrow.


yay 400!


Whether you write, design, paint, draw, sing or play an instrument, making it as a freelance creative is not easy. But at the same time I know that for most creatives, having a nine to five day job and answering to a boss is literally torture. Clocking in at the office is equal to selling your soul, or wasting your life, for almost all artists I know. And I am no exception. In the film Jobs when young Steve whispered to his colleague: “I just can’t work for other people” I started sobbing, because I struggle with that same frustration everyday.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I DON’T WANT TO WORK. I want to work all the time! When that work is making art, making music or making love! When my work means that I am putting beauty out in to the world, it inspires me and keeps me making till I’m done, whether that’s at five in the afternoon or five in the morning. I am not afraid of hard work, what scares me is mindless work. But if you put yourself out there, interesting work will find you.

In my journey toward becoming my own boss Instagram has become invaluable to me. We all know the importance of social media and online presence in marketing, but it is getting a bit ridiculous. Tile Africa, Spar, Springbok Apteek, and the like, do not need Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, WordPress, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. I believe brands should focus on social media platforms that compliment their products/services. Use Hello Peter for complaints or compliments, or do you REALLY wanna see Staysoft specials on your timeline? So I’ve focused on visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to promote my artistic endeavors. And my Instagram followers have surprised me time after time with their support and encouragement.

Most of my new freelance clients contact me because of my Instagram posts and I’ve made some awesome creative partnerships with other artists I’ve found on Instagram. Igers are already in a “liking-pretty-pictures” frame of mind when they log on, Facebook users are usually already disgruntled about something or other when they log on. And neglected Facebook pages with fifteen likes and three posts are just sad. Put effort in to what works for you. And Instagram works wonders for me, so I would like to thank each one of my now four hundred followers, y’all are my favourite!

No one says no to a panda.


I have come to a point in my life where I have to be honest with myself about my limitations. And keeping up with admin is definitely not my strong suit. But I have been unexpectedly blessed with an amazing woman who admins like I’ve never seen anyone admin before. So she will be managing Ella Roo from now on.

Any queries (concerning design & illustration), print orders, commission requests and compliments should be directed at louise@ellaroo.co.za from this day forward. If you have contacted me with requests before, my deepest apologies, because I know I’ve been a bit flaky. But I have a brilliant bitch behind me now and she knows how to crack the whip.

Oh and she loves pandas! Any request sent by panda will be prioritised, any bribe involving a panda will be accepted, and panda cupcakes will be rewarded with a free doodle.