Mad about that man.

dresses ties-01

Drawing isn’t only done on paper. Here are some of my vector fan art about the acclaimed series Mad Men that I did in Adobe Illustrator. Both of which I LOVE. The first poster is some of Peggy Olsen’s iconic dresses and the second poster is of some of Don Draper’s very cool ties. They make quite snazzy desktop wallpapers, feel free to right click and save.

Get your affairs in order.


It’s a bit morbid for a Friday freebie, but here’s a label for a little notebook everyone should have. I use mine to stipulate my last wishes. But also to write letters to the people who matter to me, which is actually quite a life affirming exercise in gratitude. I have no superstitions about an afterlife but I do want to leave something behind for the people who helped and loved me throughout my life. Something positive. Something not to grieve about and I make sure to include something in each letter that I know would make the recipient smile a bit.

Freebie for your mobile.



I designed this for my Samsung Galaxy, if you have any trouble with the dimensions just drop me a comment with your specs below and I will make one specially for you to use on your device. Happy Friday everyone!


A meeting of monsters.

invite small


Invite everyone to meet your monsters this weekend with this week’s #FreebieFriday!

“I’m actually weirder than you think”


Fo’ yo’ gnomies.

gnomie small


Today’s doodle is a free download! Yay! Print, cut, TADA! Gift tag! Or just a card… a quick ‘hello’ written on the back and given to the right person can be a very real gift too. Sometimes just hearing from someone makes you smile ^_^

If you should need a bigger one, simply comment below.

download my pattern.

Hello World,

In offering to the Blog Gods I’ve decided to make my very first post a freebie. A simple chevron pattern makes a great desktop or invite background, use it, don’t use it. I use it a lot.


Click on the image below to download the full-size version.

Blue Chevron