Fo’ yo’ gnomies.

gnomie small


Today’s doodle is a free download! Yay! Print, cut, TADA! Gift tag! Or just a card… a quick ‘hello’ written on the back and given to the right person can be a very real gift too. Sometimes just hearing from someone makes you smile ^_^

If you should need a bigger one, simply comment below.

A lover gone insane.


If you don’t know that I’m obsessed with PHFAT, you really don’t know me at all. Last year I had a dream come true when they asked me to doodle for their track City of Thieves Part 2, I had no idea what I was doing but I drew my little fingers blunt. Today’s post is one of the many sketches I did while trying my best to impress the coolest okes in SA. How many people get to say they got to collaborate with their heroes? Well, I do ^_^

Because they’re cool you can download the track FOR FREES on their Soundcloud. And to set your Friday off, enjoy the video for City of Thieves Part 1. Lekker naweek almal!


“I hate to bitch, but everything I ever touch will always bear the taste of this.”

download my pattern.

Hello World,

In offering to the Blog Gods I’ve decided to make my very first post a freebie. A simple chevron pattern makes a great desktop or invite background, use it, don’t use it. I use it a lot.


Click on the image below to download the full-size version.

Blue Chevron