Of puppy meat sandwiches and prose.


Following your “most intense obsessions mercilessly” sounds cooler to me anyway. But then again, I just want desperately to draw every hour of every day. If your passion is perfecting the puppy meat and pickles sandwich, I would beg you to reevaluate. Or at least to keep your studies philosophical.

Kafka is a well known writer who started out writing short stories in his spare time and for “the rest of his life, he complained about the little time he had to devote to what he came to regard as his calling.” I can totally relate to that.

All women are born evil.

all women


Don’t get mad at Chad, women and men alike believe his statement to be true. We’ve all heard girls say: “I don’t really get along with girls, I just prefer to hang out with boys.” And that’s usually why the other girls don’t like you by the way, but I digress. Arthur Schopenhauer (my most favourite thinker) wrote the following on the subject: “Men are by nature merely indifferent to one another; but women are by nature enemies.” We should stop that… It would be a far reach to call me a feminist, but us girls need friends, evil or not.

There is only one position for an artist.


“There is only one position for an artist and that is upright.” – Dylan Thomas (Interesting guy: In his later life he acquired a reputation, which he encouraged, as a “roistering, drunken and doomed poet”.)

Finding inspirational quotes is something I find a lot of peace and solace in. When I came across this little gem by Dylan Thomas it reminded me that as artists (whatever kind that might be) we have the unique gift of turning whatever we’re feeling into something tangible. And because of that we have no excuse to be lazy or to wallow in misery. If you need therapy, make something. Chances are, the more intense the emotion, the more epic the creation. Your outlet could encourage someone else, or if you’re lucky you could even make some money from your creations. Either way getting up and making something tends to set stuff in motion, even when you feel entirely powerless.

Throwback Thursday.



Have you ever heard anyone thanking God it’s Thursday? (Unless it’s payday of course!) I suspect they call it “Throwback Thursday” because the first people actually wanted to throw Thursday back. Neither me, nor any of the funny little creatures that live inside me, like Thursdays… TGIF tomorrow.

101 ways it could be worse #1


Number one in a new series inspired by my life. Stay on the bright side Snor City!

101 Ways It Could Be Worse #1:

You could have rolled over your new puppy last night. Finding its limp body before coffee.

The fear of the blank page.


“Soos fyn wyn in ‘n bladsy bad sy” – Breyten Breytenbach (Ek dink… ek gaan moet check, Google weet ook nie.)

It’s the scariest night of the year and everyone’s getting silly with spandex, make-up, ketchup, bells and whistles. In honour of the horror holiday I decided to write about a monster I believe is rampant in the creative community. The fear of the blank page…

Some days on my way home from work my mind wanders and I think of so many things I wanna draw. I get so excited by the time I get to the sketchpad I’ve started salivating. Then I choose a weapon, be it pencil or pen, I open the book, I lower my wrist, and then something inexplicable happens… I freeze up with fear. Suddenly I’m crippled by the sheer emptiness of the space before me. So I check my phone, or light a cigarette and channel flip, you know just to normalise. A cup of coffee later, I’m stuck hovering the pen just above the surface of the paper. This can go on for hours. Sometimes I even get my dishes done in between! But eventually I smudge chocolate in a corner or I nod off and a I awake a minute later to find a mysterious squiggle in a random place. And like magic the curse is lifted! The secret to beating the blank page is simply being brave and making your mark. And if you fuck the page up anyway, paste a pretty picture over it or use it to line the budgie cage.

Take care tonight, avoid people dressed as sexy cats, light a candle so the dead don’t get lost, and remember, it’s all in your head.

Beware the white rabbit.


A very close friend of mine gave me a white rabbit earlier this year. I was feeling a bit down and having something fluffy around always brightens things up. Oliver spent many nights snuggled up next to me on the couch, and we bonded over reruns and old films. Then Spring came and my cute lil’ bunny turned into a tiny terror! I pity the fool that thinks he can jump over my wall, that rabbit will eat you alive! I’ve heard geese make excellent guard dogs, but a bunny hopped up on hormones makes an excellent evil genius! This creature tried to rape my cat… I shit you not. But despite his incredible rage, I kinda like having a bad-ass-bunny! It makes me giggle to imagine headlines like: “Violent Criminal Busted By Ruthless Bunny Rabbit” or “Serial Killer Scared Of Cottontail”. Everyone needs someone ruthless in their corner, I have my backyard bruiser ^_^

In my oom se agterplaas was daar ‘n hond…


“Dis die goed wat ons voer wat ons wil opvreet.” – Die tannie by die posbus.

Ek het nog altyd Nataniël se stories en humor geniet. Omdat dit Maandag is dink ek dis gepas dat ons almal bietjie lag en ‘n paar wyse woorde hoor terwyl die hele donnerse werk week ons terug staar. Byt vas, trek aan asof jy deel is van ‘n proef, en vergeet van jou pos vir vandag.


*ek sien die video mag nie hier speel nie, so kyk maar die storie op YouTube. (It’s worth it!)