Mozambique, Pretoria.


Last night I was feeling a little down after a super shitty Tuesday so we decided to stop by Mozambique in Brooklyn after work. And I honestly had such a good time I completely forgot about my work worries. They had me at the brown paper on the tables, since I haven’t been allowed to bring even a colouring book to the table since I was six years old. So anyplace that enables my doodling compulsion has my approval. It’s my top pick for that escape you need after a long day, even by normal people’s standards. The service was exceptional, the food was great and the prices reasonable. We had a fun R&R fueled conversation while I got to draw out my frustrations and I ended up giving the sketch to our very cool waiter, Tommy.

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I peed myself a little.


PHFAT have confirmed that they’ll be using my sketches for visuals at Oppikoppi this year! My weird ass creatures and letters will be featured during their track City of Thieves Part 2. I feel on top of the fucking world! Not only are they incredibly talented, I happen to be a HUGE fan. So when I found out I’d be seeing my doodles come to life right next to Mike and Narch I had to sit down for a moment. They had been showing the sketches at previous events like Rocking the Daisies, but this will be the very first time that I’m going to see it for myself!

Catch them at midnight, Friday on the Wesley’s Dome Stage. I’m sure as hell going to be there! I’ll be the freak with the enormous smile and the tears streaming down my face. I’m just so damn happy ^_^

Listen to, or download the song for free on Soundcloud.

Koppi is coming…


Koppi koors is officially hier en ek juk al van weet wat kom! I’m looking forward to hitting the road before dawn, stuffing my face with a lekker Wimpy breakfast, and then seeing those gates for the first time… Ag, ek sal sommer emosioneel raak man! I can’t wait to see y’all covered in dust and sin!

Here are my must see acts for the year:


City Of Heroes


Yesterday’s Pupil

Mr Cat & The Jackal


Van Coke Kartel




Built for blame.


Although the sizes have varied, I have dressed the way I do all my life. Most know me by my uniform of black tights/jeans, black jerseys and black hair.  Call it emo, goth, alternative, whatever, it’s the way I like to look. I’m not forced to wear black, not even by my emotional state, I like the way it looks. But not everyone does, and I’ve been through many surprisingly serious battles about simple outfit choices. I was the kid that parents didn’t want sleeping over, the kid that got stuck with all the cigarettes at a bust, and the one that got questioned if someone wrote something obscene on the bathroom walls. Because I looked different, and I welcomed it. As life went on I realised that nothing much changes, if you look like trouble, people are gonna blame you for it, because it’s easy. Blaming a “bad influence” is easier than accepting responsibility. But the fact is, your choices are your own, whether I walk around with shirts quoting Cheech and Chong or not, I can’t force you to get high. Just like dressing like a virgin doesn’t get you into heaven.

I have a foul mouth, I dress inappropriately, I listen to scary music and I smoke a lot…  I’m not changing the way I look, so I accept the stigma that comes with it. But just because I’m built for blame does not mean you are innocent…

I’m gonna sign off with this beautiful speech by one of my very favourite people, Chris Motionless, he knows what I’m talking about.


“That they have the right to set standards that you and I have to live by…”

Slaap om miskien te droom.



Die lirieke vir vandag se skets is deur Francois van Coke opgevoer in ‘n teater stuk wat ‘n hele paar jaar gelede by Aardklop gewys het.

Ek het dieselfde droom nou al seker vir so sewe jaar. Ek droom ek sit vas in ‘n publieke badkamer. Partykeer is dit moerse lanie badkamers, partykeer is dit meer soos ‘n ablusie blok, en ander kere voel dit so gevaarlik en vuil soos ‘n tronk toilet. Ek wandel altyd rond opsoek na die uitgang en raak verdwaal tussen gange stalletjies en wasbakke. Ek het nie ‘n abnormale vrees vir publieke badkamers nie, en ek tinkle voor ek gaan slaap. Fok alleen weet hoekom my brein ‘n portal na elke badkamer op aarde is… maar dit verduidelik darem baie van wat uit my mond uit kom…

Vir almal.



Ek het gister met ‘n moerse skok besef dis volgende week al Oppikoppi! Ek is van nature ‘n benoude mensie wat bang is vir skare, harde geluide en nie graag drink nie, so Koppi is vir my maar stressvol. Tog het ek elke jaar die tyd van my lewe, en ek probeer myself net daarvan herinder. Want dis tog die lekker ding van Koppi, dis vir ALMAL. Dit maak nie saak of jy drink, rook, draf of dans nie, dis altyd ‘n jol! Of jou skoonpa skuins agter jou kamp en of jou ex sy nuwe girl bring, glo my, daar’s oor genoeg om jou besig te hou! Ek wil bietjie Koppi stories hoor, comment en hou my uit my werk uit, toe?



Maak die individu nou dood of verdwyn saam met my
Want ek sien min van ons wat hier bly lewe”

The shape of your heart.


It doesn’t really matter what your heart looks like it is most certainly capable of love and being loved. Whether it looks half dead, entirely broken or just odd from the outside, trust me, it works. I recently watched Only Lovers Left Alive for the first time and then I watched it about 25  more times since then. As is my tradition, I can’t just “like” something I have to obsess about it, and the film is no different. If you’re suicidally romantic like myself do yourself a favour and make it your movie to watch this week.

It’s better being you.


Quote by Henry Miller.

You will never be able to please everyone and the quickest way to drive yourself crazy is to try. Most people are either insane, boring or mean anyway. There is no peace in general acceptance or in keeping everyone happy. There are people out there who will try to convince you mixing milk with cola is tasty, or that you should really listen to the new Jennifer Lopez track… you don’t need that kinda shit in your life man. Listen to who you love and keep those people around.

I am not undone.



Today’s doodle is inspired by the awesome guys from Amity Affliction. It’s a lyric from Pittsburg off their album Let The Ocean Take Me. I have fallen in love with this band! They’ve really helped me through a tough time, and isn’t that exactly what good music is capable of? I’ve put together a playlist of my favourite tracks, I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do!


Amity Affliction on Twitter:

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