Heroine Mary.

killit small1

I’ve been obsessed with the local band Lark for a very long time. Today’s doodle is from their song Heroine Mary.

101 ways it could be worse #1


Number one in a new series inspired by my life. Stay on the bright side Snor City!

101 Ways It Could Be Worse #1:

You could have rolled over your new puppy last night. Finding its limp body before coffee.

Beware the white rabbit.


A very close friend of mine gave me a white rabbit earlier this year. I was feeling a bit down and having something fluffy around always brightens things up. Oliver spent many nights snuggled up next to me on the couch, and we bonded over reruns and old films. Then Spring came and my cute lil’ bunny turned into a tiny terror! I pity the fool that thinks he can jump over my wall, that rabbit will eat you alive! I’ve heard geese make excellent guard dogs, but a bunny hopped up on hormones makes an excellent evil genius! This creature tried to rape my cat… I shit you not. But despite his incredible rage, I kinda like having a bad-ass-bunny! It makes me giggle to imagine headlines like: “Violent Criminal Busted By Ruthless Bunny Rabbit” or “Serial Killer Scared Of Cottontail”. Everyone needs someone ruthless in their corner, I have my backyard bruiser ^_^

Happy Anniversatinesharkweek?


– Cute quote by Homer Simpson.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my loved ones, I’m sorry about forgetting your birthday, group meeting, graduation dinner, coffee date, wedding… It’s nothing personal, I swear. I should come with a disclaimer: “Individual exceptionally sucks at remebering.” Keep in mind that I get distracted by trees, especially those clown shaped ones that are trimmed around telephone wires… lol. So when I don’t reply to your Whatsapp message or forget your child’s birth, it’s not because I don’t care, it’s because the world is so full of things! Things like; funny links, pretty lyrics, good films, heartwarming conversations and cat pictures. Personally, I turn my phone off on my birthday because I hate spending the whole day making small talk with relative strangers. Never the less, to each whatever makes them feel special, I guess. Point being, I care, really, I do, but look! Squirrel!





Some doodles from about 2 years back. Still haven’t recovered.