No one says no to a panda.


I have come to a point in my life where I have to be honest with myself about my limitations. And keeping up with admin is definitely not my strong suit. But I have been unexpectedly blessed with an amazing woman who admins like I’ve never seen anyone admin before. So she will be managing Ella Roo from now on.

Any queries (concerning design & illustration), print orders, commission requests and compliments should be directed at from this day forward. If you have contacted me with requests before, my deepest apologies, because I know I’ve been a bit flaky. But I have a brilliant bitch behind me now and she knows how to crack the whip.

Oh and she loves pandas! Any request sent by panda will be prioritised, any bribe involving a panda will be accepted, and panda cupcakes will be rewarded with a free doodle.

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