Don’t think about making art.



I’ve been stuck in a creative slump for weeks. Every sketch flops, every idea’s more shitty than the previous one and everyday shorter than yesterday. Mix it all together and you end up tired from a lot of effort and nothing to show for it. But when I took a step back, I realised that I looked just like a chicken with its head cut off, running around like frantic, loudly complaining about how seriously stuck I feel. What did I really expect someone to do, to tweet me back with the key to creativity? That aint ever happening. Just like no one’s ever gonna walk up to you and say, “Hi stranger, you look like you have good ideas, here’s R100 000. Go make it happen!” And I see a lot of my peers walking around with their necks stretched, waiting for that stranger to finally find them. You’re going to die disappointed and angry at the world. The only way out is to take what you have and start working like really fucking hard. A fellow creative shared this quote by Sebastian Horsley with me this morning: “Self-pity is the most destructive of all narcotics.” And I felt ashamed. I knew I had been indulging in the excuse of “being stuck”.

So I started scribbling again. And I made a mess, which I enjoyed so much, I made another one. I still threw out an entire telephone directory of flops, but I had fun doing it. When I stop being so anal about every line my hand draws I remember that drawing is actually like my favourite thing ever. Why the hell would I ever stop? It was never about making money, what others thought of the work, or waking up famous, I just REALLY LOVE drawing, man. The idea that it could “leave” me during a “creative slump” is absurd. I was being miserable and I let my creativity down, not the other way around!

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