Communication is key.

cats on fire

Unfortunately I wasn’t clever enough to come up with this expression myself, and I suck at remembering, so I don’t know where it comes from, but it stuck with me. And it reminded me of another something I heard somewhere; the greatest distance between two people is a misunderstanding. Which is so true, you should all write it down somewhere. I’ll wait…

It is impossible to maintain any relationship without clear communication, never mind trying to fix one! When things go unsaid between, friends, lovers or brothers, it makes the simplest of things seem like climbing out Fort Klapperkop. Try organising a nice get-together without being able to invite your best friend’s girlfriend because your girlfriend thinks she wants to fuck you, but really she just can’t stand the smell of the cat litter in your house, so she’s squinting, not winking, but she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or alienate herself by admitting she’s the only dog person, so she’s not saying anything to anyone either… …it’s exhausting just typing that shit.

And you’re laughing, because it’s ridiculous, right? Welcome to my life bro. But I am currently in a head space that has no room for sub text. So what I’m trying to say is, if you’ve had some issue with me, and I haven’t responded to it the way you would like, pick up the damn phone. (Okay, I never answer my phone, but you get the point.) Just be direct: “Hey bitch, what was up with that look you gave me at Park Acoustics?”. And the answer would probably be something quite innocent like, “Oh shit Sarah, didn’t even see you there, did you see what that hag behind you was calling a skirt?!” Or if you did rub me up the wrong way I have no issue with saying; “Of course, you stole my sunglasses you dumb whore.” But without proper communication life gets unnecessarily tricky. People start operating on their own misunderstandings and reality gets lost in the mess, and that’s how figuring out where to braai on which Saturday becomes the most difficult decision of your adult life. We’re young, let’s dance, drink, and discuss! Not text, team up and target.

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